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Applying to GGHTx

"Applying to GGHTx was, at first, one of the scariest, yet most-exciting decisions I made before applying to medical school.  I naturally felt hesitant to travel to a third world country and volunteer at the local clinics. That sense of doubt quickly dissipated as soon as I met the coordinators and participants of the Gracias Global Health Trip (GGHTx). I was particularly pleased with the organization and efficiency of the logistical aspects of the trip. The private transportation was both safe and comfortable, while the accommodations of the hotel were clean and cozy. Even the food was delicious! Beyond that, the enriching experience of extending yourself to those less fortunate, especially in a foreign country, was the highlight of the trip! I gained a great deal by volunteering on this mission! As a bonus, we had the privilege of touring the beautiful country and doing some fun activities! I would definitely return in the future! Thank you Dr. Hakhamian and Avi Kerendian!" 

-Ami N. (NY)