“Gracias” Global Health Trips (GGHTx) Application

GGHTx, Avi Kerendian volunteers sharing public health via telehealth in village.

Thank you for considering to volunteer with GGHTx.

If this is your first mission trip with us, or you keep returning to serve with us time after time, we are so grateful for your commitment and compassion toward those in such great need. On behalf of all of our staff, all of our local partners, and of course, on behalf of all the patients who are waiting for you to arrive, thank you and welcome to GGHTx. 

Inclusion & Diversity

GGHTx is committed to the principles of inclusion and respect for diversity

As core principles linked to our success: GGHTx fosters diversity by embracing volunteers of all races, ethnicities, genders, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations, to ensure a highly skilled and culturally competent workforce.

GGHTx clinic packed with patients and co-founder Avi Kerendian

How to Apply

Please ensure that you have read all of the pages in the “About” section and that you meet all of our essential requirements before proceeding with your application. Second, interested physicians and dentists MUST also email their CV and resume directly to Dr. Hakhamian at: NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Following satisfactory reference check and criminal *background check, suitable candidates are invited to a Skype interview and/or an in-person interview to determine their suitability. In-person interviews are held regularly in our Los Angeles office and in New York during recruitment visits scheduled throughout the year. 


Following an interview, candidates whose qualifications best meet the organization’s needs are invited to “Orientation Day,” which is a one-day mandatory training in Los Angeles / New York for those wishing to join the next mission trip. Travel, meals, but not lodging expenses are covered by GGHTx.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: Strong Spanish language skills are not required, but are highly valued. Because GGHTx’s mission trips are focused in predominantly Spanish-speaking communities, these language skills are highly desirable and thus, will usually allow for more direct opportunities for placement.

To apply to the “GGHTx May 2020” mission trip please click the “Apply” button.

PDF Application Download

We highly prefer you use the Google Form link above to apply for the trip. If you choose to use the PDF form below, please print, fill, scan and email your completed application to Thank you.