What makes GGHTx Different

“One of GGHTx’s core values is to hope to instill in the future generations of doctors, dentists, and clinicians attending these trips a sense of social responsibility and an opportunity to gain medical/dental experience while helping reduce the great health disparities prevalent in underserved populations in countries around the world. With that said, it is also GGHTx’s priority to provide our hard-working volunteers with a safe, exciting, rewarding and unforgettable trip that will reshape their perspective and their futures! It is an exhausting and emotional trip and it is not for everyone, but with it comes this deep sense of fulfillment and pride that one can’t explain – you just have to experience it, and that is something that I would not trade for anything; t’s eternal.” 

– Dr. Arash Hakhamian, Medical Director (GGHTx)

“GGHTx differs from all other volunteer groups and organizations because we really wanted to incorporate a fun and adventurous tourism aspect to our mission trips where we would dedicate our days to changing patients’ lives and then have several hours of ‘vacation-time’ for our participants so as to allow our volunteers to experience the amazing extracurricular activities of each country we visit,” explains Avi. “One of the greatest highlights our volunteers rave about and look forward to are our latin dance lessons from our amazing salsa-dance instructors, Nancy and Jose!”

– Avi Kerendian, Program Director (GGHTx)

“I am very appreciative that there are more people getting involved in global health under the leadership of Dr. Arash and Avi, with GGHTx,” says Julio. “There is a lot of work that still needs to be done and it is definitely not easy, but seeing our volunteers join us overseas during their vacation time when they could be on a beach in Miami, continues to give me a sense of hope and that is something I thank God everyday for.” Julio looks forward to establishing more partnerships and initiatives the likes of which that have been done in conjunction with GGHTx, especially for the ASSADE clinic that was built with the sole purpose of providing medical and dental relief for all, no matter one’s income, while also meeting basic US medical standards.

– Julio Chàvez, Overseas Liaison (GGHTx)