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"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." -Pablo Picasso


Have you ever had to walk walk 5 miles, carrying your 2-month old baby, in hopes of getting an appointment with a general doctor? It is also a blazing 80 degrees F outside and the path you're walking on is full of uneven stones, loose dirt, and you're hoping you are going the right way.

In case you weren't sure, there's no Uber here either. 

How about after finally getting there realizing that the doctor has run out of the most basic medical supplies used to treat and evaluate your 2-month old baby who's been coughing in sheer pain for the last 3 days and likely has a severe case of pneumonia. Something that is totally preventable and treatable with basic medicine, but without these basic medicines, is now  life-threatening. You are turned away and told to go back home. You now have no choice but to wait until next week - hoping and praying - that this time the doctor will not have run out of the medicine your child desperately needs. 

This is life for the indigenous communities GGHTx travels to every year.



This is life for the majority of the indigenous communities GGHTx travels to every year. Specifically those communities, whom the men have no choice but to work grueling farming jobs from early morning to late evening, every day, hoping that today is another day they can afford to put clean bread, "frijoles", and hopefully some nutritious vegetables on their families' plates. 



Given this degree of extreme poverty, GGHTx has taken initiative and teamed up with local leaders to not only help bring awareness to these global issues, but to fully address the most fragile of communities of whom acute care, preventative medicine, and basic medical supplies are non-existent. 



Though eradicating global poverty is no easy task, under the guidance of our medical director, Dr. Arash Hakhamian and our project manager, Avi Kerendian, GGHTx is committed to courageously going into these areas with little to no medical care and helping patients with dramatic and often life-saving results. The world’s poorest, most marginalized people are the most at risk in accessing basic health services. 



With the help of GGHTx's passionate volunteers and generous donors, we are humbled and honored to know that we are helping make a significant impact and changing lives in ways that have not been done before. GGHTx continues to expand their mission trips to help abandoned communities get what they need, whether it be basic healthcare, clean water, or access to U.S. licensed doctors and dentists.

"Helping one person might not change the world but it could change the world for one person."